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Liz @lozclaws

We should NEVER harass anyone for the BRAND OF RESUABLE WATER BOTTLE THEY USE. We can joke about the meme that was created about the bottle

525 2 weeks ago

Liz @lozclaws

use whatever reusable water bottle you want! I use a S’Well! Use a hydroflask! A pewter mug! It’s all good! Spread love and good vibes 💕❤️

964 2 weeks ago

Sophia 😔🤠 @dirtyshowerwater

I have one and I’m not a vsco girl :/

1.8K 2 weeks ago

𝔯𝔥𝔦𝔞𝔫𝔫𝔞 @pixelatedpuccy

literally everyone at my school has one but most of the time they’re not even vsco girls lmao

265 2 weeks ago

🤷🏻♀️ @teawithhoes

Sure let’s bring down girls for having a a water bottle

2.2K 2 weeks ago

aesthetics 😁 @random_aesthetics00

Omg I was in sportcheck and me and my brother saw a vsco girl and started doing this 😅😂

2.8K 2 weeks ago

ronya 😏😂 @r0ny4_27

@clipshit.liz LiZ dOn'T dO iT

0 11 hours ago

Itzel @iitzel.2

I say all of that with my best friend🥵💓

2 2 weeks ago

G🆎 @gabriella.vs

my friends and I were just trying to have a good time at great America and like 20 different people yelled this at us and flipped us off 🥰✌️

63 2 weeks ago

🌊 zǝlǝɥ 🌊 @_helezhsn

@ilavdaaa @xx_dxrxexn_xx @http_grxtx

2 1 weeks ago

local bish @yourlocalhoe123

girls support girls :(

187 2 weeks ago

jackiee @xjackiemarinx


0 2 weeks ago

💙 @xqueen00


1 2 weeks ago

L e n i🌻 @leni.lec


1 2 weeks ago

Yoalli @katherine_yoalli

@elise_gaytan meee 💀💀

0 1 weeks ago

basic @sofarancha

not a vsco girl but dont use plastic straws plzzz

0 2 weeks ago

<3 @peachangxl

My teacher has a hydroflask and I live in Germany THATS SO CRAZY THAT A GERMAN TEACHER HAS A HYDROFLASK

0 2 weeks ago

hee hee @sapphicwilde

ye lets bully girls because of a water bottle SURE

0 2 weeks ago

🌹🖤Amy🖤🌹 @imjustkindahereformemes

I am not vsco in anyway. If anything my aesthetic is grunge and I have one, and this situation is my worst nightmare.

21 2 weeks ago


@im_a_turtle_girl uhm wanna talk about it?

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