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\(★ω★)/ @a.lil.ghost

I mean, the guy didn’t specify he wanted to talk after buying me the drink 😂🤔💀

770 2 weeks ago

Vanessa @whereisvanessa

ooooh I thought u had taken her into human trafficking

459 2 weeks ago

Coolcatnat @marianat85

Men Acting like buying us drink entitles them to our bodies: 🤡

307 2 weeks ago

Allanah Dooks @allanahdooks_

GUILTY 🤷🏽‍♀️ but to be fair, buying a drink doesn’t automatically mean we have to stay and talk afterwards 😂😂 #nohate #thanksfortrying

193 2 weeks ago

k!ersten @imnotkiersten

It’s because we don’t want y’all secretly poppin pills into our drinks while we’re not looking 👀

119 2 weeks ago

subarudrivingbitch @subarudrivingbitch

Then don’t go to the club anticipating you’re gonna pick up women lol

37 2 weeks ago

Sergio Vera @ser_g_oo0

Imagine buying bribing someone to get to know them🥺

43 2 weeks ago

SimplySteph @simplystephanie93

I always stick with the guy throughout the night in case he buys me more then I ditch at closing 😂

114 2 weeks ago

Kayla Marie 💞 @kaylamarieb02

LOL ME😂😂 Then the dude found all my social media’s because he heard my friend say my name😂😂

9 2 weeks ago

L.S McKay @sheamac96

This could be taken two ways

55 2 weeks ago

heleno @helenomissesspacedad

@kibumoon @neochucktech “ahahahaha.....I do that“

11 2 weeks ago

Kate Hudson @katehudson007

this brings back the good old days in college...

6 2 weeks ago

ashlynalvarado @ashymoney


10 2 weeks ago

Allie Shafer @allieshafer6

I'm not rude lol I'll stay and talk to them for a while I actually appreciate the drinks cuz I'm broke af lol

11 2 weeks ago

Legend @legndslayer6969


9 2 weeks ago

Chloe 🤭 @knowingchloe

ok this was funny af hahahaha

6 2 weeks ago

Jarett @jokersma

bro i have those same towels

5 2 weeks ago

Ugly person @_jacksonhorton_


5 2 weeks ago

a @em.ilyss

i mean... yall are the ones who ask so

2 2 weeks ago

coupon_katie @coupon_katie

“Oh I just need to find my friend, I think she’s in the bathroom....” - casually sips free drink & gossips for 20min until its “safe” to go back out😬

3 2 weeks ago