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bamata220 @bamata220

I would be mad too if someone tried to put my vans on w no socks😡

33.2K 3 weeks ago

turdstain @thestainedturd

this video is another reason to get my tubes removed

4.9K 3 weeks ago

Christina Rosario @christina_darling

This is great birth control

968 3 weeks ago

⛈🌊 @stormyfloret

Idk why people a triggered that she doesn’t have socks 😂 my son doesn’t like wearing socks w his shoes

217 3 weeks ago

PrettySims @prettysimss

Get correct baby shoes for walking development not famous brands plz

3 3 weeks ago

Kira Naegle @kiranaegle

Where is her socks though?

2.1K 3 weeks ago

Braincube 013 @braincubeo13

Aren’t t y’all like...... 12

151 3 weeks ago

AmbrosiaLynne @ambrosialynne

I'm so glad I didn't have parents who recorded my temper tantrums for the world to see for views.

4 2 weeks ago

bre @breannamccaw

My daughter waits till we get to the store

345 3 weeks ago

kendall @kandle_kk

maybe because you didn’t put socks on her💀

2.3K 3 weeks ago

Norah M @thisistrash_oops

are you guys married? sorry if it's offensive, just curious

2 3 weeks ago

☁️💿💕 @vsco_and_trendy_dance

are you and Landon married

252 3 weeks ago

Katelyn @katelynoc

No ones gonna ask why she has a kid so young..

6 2 weeks ago

rayleawingy @rayjwingy

she didn’t have no socks that’s why she was throwing a fit 😂😂😂

3.6K 3 weeks ago

BrittNicole @soggybaguettes

Omg the little vans🥺 I’m too young, I’m too young, I’m too young

732 3 weeks ago

lovebirdsings @lovebirdsings

How old r the parents

2 2 weeks ago

Marjorie @colleged


68 3 weeks ago

tavia35 @taviaagullo


1 3 weeks ago

user6108629490612 @carmen89898900


4 3 weeks ago

jay @skulldad


13 3 weeks ago