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Kev @kevboyperry

Y’all ever just have scronkies

18.1K 3 weeks ago

bonquefus @k_angelll

Don’t u mean hydroflasksksksksk

2.3K 3 weeks ago

ky @kylerlovesjesus

kevin the vsco king

7.4K 3 weeks ago

abby @abby.lahey

when u cant afford a metal straw😳

10.1K 3 weeks ago

akshita chauhan 🍯 @itsnikki.c

THE MUSIC HAS ME DYING. I deadass thought there was a glitch 😭😂

178 3 weeks ago

Benji and Jorge tea @benjeyistocute

Without turtles we won’t have turtles s save the ocean because ocean is turtles friend and like Hannah baker friendship die. PERIODT

421 3 weeks ago

Joshmo @chodstersboi

Why did i read this with an accent

2.3K 3 weeks ago

💛 @zeebliss

Pretend I wrote something and like this so Kevin can see, thank you 😌

2.9K 3 weeks ago

Cloudy @clxudybvbes

@xx_katie_xx123 @rattyedith @officiallyuni Indian VSCO girl?-

9 3 weeks ago

Vasant Joshi @vasantthecroissant

Lmao the Bollywood music

1 5 days ago

マディ・チャン @cat_whit_coffie

the music went so hard at the end tho it got me crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

1 2 weeks ago

payton is bae😂💜 @cute.edits22

omg how do u come up with this random stuff?

146 3 weeks ago

🎀 Riddhi 🎀 @rxddhi

That's indian music 🎶

2 5 days ago

user720608 @userjp0uccj99x

I like the Indian music

2 6 days ago

私を殺して @iareskulltrooper

Zero likes

1 6 days ago

angela_rruiz @angela_rruiz

’scronkies’ 😭😭

1 2 weeks ago

0liviaシ @iits_o1ivia

I’ve actually never been this early Kevin ilysm. And u Made u an edit pls check it out ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

204 3 weeks ago

un poco locooo @gracixi


1 2 weeks ago

devuzzparuzz @bhadrarajeev

and i oop sksksksksksk[laughwithtears]

1 5 days ago

ky🌸 @kylee..strege

yes, I do just have scronkies🤷🏼‍♀️😂😂lmaoo

158 3 weeks ago