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lulu @luisa_brennan

Awe that's so nice of you

6.5K 3 weeks ago

Aud Persinger @dizzydreamer848

This is so wholesome and sweet. The world needs more kids to appreciate their parents the way you do 🙌

4.4K 3 weeks ago

Jessica Aislynn Burt @jessicaaislynnbur

I love this trend!!!! I see so many people bashing their parents! Never forget they were where we are now once and are just trying the best they can

2.6K 3 weeks ago

Kat @critterrescue

Yeah ... she shouldn’t have to pay for a gym... that’s not a necessity.

1.7K 3 weeks ago

Austin Yani @austinyani

my mom threw me across the living room when I was 1 month old

1.1K 3 weeks ago

Rebekah @xx_blackrose_xx

I know right... I want to buy my mom the couldn’t even buy all the things I want for her ♥️

273 3 weeks ago

Eddy @copper_pumpkin

Aw how sweet you're so nice! You and your family deserve all the happiness in this world 😊

89 3 weeks ago

Queen Follows! 💕 👑 @legit_zlp

my mom yells at me when i try to compliment her...

55 3 weeks ago

ilana🌺 @llamailana

aye. I need to go to the gym too. lmao

241 3 weeks ago

👽👽👽 @sandwhichmaker09

Did you not have a job anyway?

37 3 weeks ago

Old Yeller 420 69 @oldyeller42069

Y didn’t u get a job in the first place

93 3 weeks ago

Marie Patra @scrapbooksocks

I guess I should get a job at the grocery store

19 3 weeks ago

Bri💕 @briattano

Ah hear that? In the distance? It’s me. Sobbing profusely.

60 3 weeks ago

I’m straight peeps @benjey4ever12

omg I was crying now I'm crying even more the tears just won't stop

12 3 weeks ago

norbertantal @noy0o

First I felt this is self praising but looking at responses it seems people see it encouraging to be nice to their parents. So hey. Fair play to you.

13 3 weeks ago

emerith @feralgoose

You are an actual angel

16 3 weeks ago

Lindsee @lindssmith17

your smile is absolutely amazing and ah you're one of my favorites on this app❤ okay, have a good day/night!

8 3 weeks ago

Jillaroni @thatvintageegg

Your the actual best

73 3 weeks ago

Bri 🐾 @silverwolfe

proud of you!!

18 3 weeks ago

Valerie @elongatedmusk

I work at lifetime fitness

4 2 weeks ago