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fobsnosebleed @lebeebum

to all the non Americans: braces are like 2k-5k here

22K 4 weeks ago

bella challis @bellaruinseverything

to all the non americans: i paid $6,000 for my braces and that’s with good insurance

8.2K 4 weeks ago

armyedits21 @armyedits21

i live Canada 🤡 you know🤠

1.2K 4 weeks ago

Junpyo @shooketan

But may I ask, did you actually need them or just ‘ want ‘ them, because that’s kinda dumb

295 4 weeks ago

Noura @nourakilla

This warms my heart

985 4 weeks ago

ScarlettLilyMary19 @scarlettlilymary19

People in the UK truly dont know how lucky they are. The NHS is a wonderful thing💕

2.8K 4 weeks ago

20rayray00 @20rayray00

I get braces in about a month I will have to pay $8850 for mine( I’m paying for all of it)

862 4 weeks ago

Leah @leahh.mar

my parents paid $16k for my brothers and my braces

104 4 weeks ago

Maria Arroyo💋‼️👀🥶 @mariajra07

Arrow dot cancel ? Does that work 😂

305 4 weeks ago

dewaeonatidepod @dawaeontidepod

People in the uk tryna flex they get free braces but it’s only cause all of them really need them

1.2K 4 weeks ago

🥳💗 @sefiewefie

Goodness gracious I’m crying again

273 4 weeks ago

help me @mypenisismissing

this reminds me of the time braces were the 'trend' at my school. Girls got braces for no reason all because they looked quirky

147 4 weeks ago

user089436 @user089436240

I ask my mom to cook me dinner and she goes for what

558 4 weeks ago

pretty boy @19.8os

this is so sweet, mom's do so much for us 💖

1.7K 4 weeks ago

Lyxert @lyxert

BrAcEs ArE fReE WhErE I’m FrOm

112 4 weeks ago

F U N N Y G U R L @funfunfunfungurllll


1 3 weeks ago

Enrique @clan_wolf_auuuu

Moms do everything for their children. We should all be so grateful and one day repay our mothers everything they have done for us.

7 3 weeks ago

Jauudusosns @jaussiebedusm

Why are they so expensive everywhere outside of america??

0 3 weeks ago

gfhhtr.drfg @gfhhtr.drfg


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