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A.Lone.Goat @a.lone.goat

What is going on the comments 😭😭

17 2 month ago

Amer Shafi @shafiamer213

What does women did a funny means?

661 2 month ago

Germ Germ @jeremy6723

I just got back to tic tok. WTH happened and how did everyone say the same thing?!?

16 2 month ago

Liam @liam_james45

No one: The comments: Woman did a funny

2.9K 2 month ago

Brionta Barrow @nunablue16

I think the comment section is broken 😯

1K 2 month ago

👽 Karolina 👽 @cocojuul

This comment section scares me

162 2 month ago

clarissa @username102817

am i the only one that doesnt understand why everyone is commenting “women did a funny”

307 2 month ago

wea @vveam

idk what's wrong the comments but imma join: Woman did a funny

9 2 month ago

may49yo @mayisgr8

Did she pay for those comments or-

94 2 month ago

Gg @ggmahhhnn

Woman did a funny

4.2K 2 month ago

NickAmbio @nambio

Just want y’all to know I went to school with WoahVicky

0 2 month ago

deenenmarken @jessedn

@floortoebes @y0up @lil.menno fock gym neef

0 2 month ago

Ibrahim Bektesi @ibrahim_bektesi

Who else searching through the entire comment section for an explanation >>

95 2 month ago

Jamison @jamisonithink

Women did a funny

454 2 month ago

user322735 @user32273517


1 2 month ago

user2863005309084 @_tiimmmy_

This was the laugh I really needed. Thank you

0 2 month ago

ccoswald111111 @ccoswald111111

I liked the video, but the comment section put you on a whole new level

2 2 month ago

Sam Noah licks camel @obamas_forehead

This does not make sense

6 2 month ago

Shawn ☑️ @shawnhatestiktok

Funny did a woman

158 2 month ago

user2224249343357 @user2224249343357

What the heck is going on !?!

0 2 month ago