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Kelly @kelly_lord815

The drinking age is 21 where I live 😭😭

23K 2 month ago

ʆΡηα @lenalala_

do americans not realize that they're legit the only ones that can't drink at 18

15.1K 2 month ago

:(: @π”žπ”«π”€π”’π”©_

Other countries: πŸ₯΄πŸ€ͺ the US: 🀑🀑

7.3K 2 month ago

Icon @p_a_u_l_16

Me buying alcohol at age 16 bc its legal here 😘

9.7K 2 month ago

andreyuh @deepfriednips

it’s 18 like everywhere except the us don’t freak out americans

8.6K 2 month ago

πŸŒΊπŸƒEmiliaπŸƒπŸŒΊ @okweetabenet

These comments make you realise how ignorant Americans are 😳😳😳

4K 2 month ago

Cael A. @sweet_lechuga

Americas confused because they forget about ither countries

2.3K 2 month ago

Avail @liipuddintater

pretty sure the us is the only country where the drinking age is 21 lmao

1.8K 2 month ago

abuabkermohamed @darkpiechoklate

everyone saying they're buying alcohol when they turn 21 me: watching this while drinking wine and iam 16

889 2 month ago

L E O 🐍 @hellcracker

Me buying Alcohol at 16 while others canβ€˜t: 😎

610 2 month ago

Drawing...outlet @xx..vsco...girl..xx


483 2 month ago

connor @conntraception

i was confused then i remembered,,,, not america

1.1K 2 month ago

sophia @sxvphiaa

me being proud I live in the uk where we can drink at the age of 18 :), me when I remember I don't even drink so it don't really matter :/

343 2 month ago

sophie.mrt @sophie.mrt02

In Germany it’s 18 too

898 2 month ago

:0 @efhp

16 in switzerland lmao

117 2 month ago

whistle tone girl @cerealbicth

this gon be me on friday lmfao

192 2 month ago

Pollie @polliebollie

'Laughing in danish'

156 2 month ago

ceo of racism @ceoofracism

i never knew you were australian omg (the water bottle)

533 2 month ago

lmao puh lease @oopsandmoreoops


247 2 month ago