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user464734 @user46473444

There were on time too!!!!

75 3 weeks ago

Could Be Worse 💫 🌸 @casualwannabe

I cry every time I leave and I’m off to my final year x it’s okay

17 3 weeks ago

baylie. @inflowing

don't worry, I bawled when mine left and my college is legit only 30 minutes from my house

4 2 weeks ago

Haley💞 @haleyboppers23

My mom cried for a week after I left

11 3 weeks ago

It me @alilikesturtles𓆉

This is so pure

32 3 weeks ago

indie @indie.kayy


8 3 weeks ago

Banker2325 @mamawolf334

lol love it! Good luck at school!

11 3 weeks ago

Dubocracy @dubocracy7

She’s ready folks🤣

5 2 weeks ago

Traylittle @traylittlemusic


5 2 weeks ago

✈️😎AlmostCoolMom😎✈️ @almostcoolmom

I can relate!!😭😭😭

3 2 weeks ago

realweirdtyler @realweirdtyler

Moving on

1 2 weeks ago

Sarah Foster @_sarahdarling_

I cry every year

3 2 weeks ago

joshua miller @__jxshuamiller

Have fun at school!!!

1 2 weeks ago

misteryloves @misteryloves

I wish my parents were cool like that 😆

2 2 weeks ago

Thomas Hillman @thomashillman3


1 2 weeks ago

Elision Magazine @elisionmagazine


4 2 weeks ago

Sofie🤠 @sofieisabel8

My parents tomorrow when I move in

6 3 weeks ago

oh hey @itzclowneryluv

honestly i cry every time i’m home and i have to drive back to college ngl

0 2 days ago

Omg Emmanuel @omg.emmanuel

I’m in middle school I wouldn’t know

0 1 weeks ago

user198100534700 @kellysbells8


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