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✌🏻😗🇨🇴 @xykvp

English it’s not my first language and I barely understood

9.6K 2 month ago

user295742 @userx4g9jrkam2

Maybe don’t go to the skate park if you can’t skate lol

35 2 month ago

Tik Toker @oppressedgamer68

I mean as long as you dont be a poser people don’t harass beginners. I actually had a bunch of people help me out when I was learning

120 2 month ago

i dont have a name @dudemanbro22

i’m so scared of skate parks bc i’m not good yet 😳

919 2 month ago

Alaska @geminihoe

Jus got- firs time gettin dunkd on kina nervous

7.8K 2 month ago

wildpotatoz06 @artpotatoz

I want to learn how to skate board but both of skate boards don’t move good so....yeah. Never gonna learn

183 2 month ago

Shawn Ross @blackrockrobot

just keep practicing and dont do anything you are not comfortable with. just cruise around and go up the ramps. tricks come much, much later!!

1 2 month ago

dayna😎 @devito.on.wheels

sorry, I don’t speak Italian

5.2K 2 month ago

lena gœt @doublehood

when i went to the skate park the first time, i felt threatened-

3.1K 2 month ago

Crackheadbootyface @poopweed420hehe

Reeeeee we use to go to the same school!!!

20 2 month ago

Kade @realpostman

Can y’all check out my account

10 2 month ago

qwqw1212 @felipeeeeee3783

This is the exact reason why I don’t skate anywhere outside of my house property

1.7K 2 month ago

jodie @j.odiee

@sandy.thedumplingg gonna be u

2 2 month ago

alexis @anondruglord

can someone translate this into white for me

40 2 month ago

Anika @ani.wsr

why did that sound like chinese or vietnamese

4 2 month ago

Kermit @dum.fluckle


36 2 month ago

(●´ω`●) @sp1n0nmyd1ck

@deletus.that.feetus hm

1 2 month ago

Genevieve @scummysaint

Me 2

6 2 month ago

i regret tiktok @6shreks6crocs6


2 2 month ago

Gonz @blitzcomet

Not funny didn’t laugh

2 2 month ago