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Milla Tequila @bakuotaku

the same shit I be finding at my grandparents house

2.5K 3 month ago

ハイェエ @kickmyownasss

Every grandma got that same bottle

1.5K 2 month ago

MaddeningAlice @maddening_alice

mom: "its topical it's just a suggestion"

1.1K 2 month ago

ManiaC @maniacplz

she's been waiting decades for this moment

741 2 month ago

✌️💕➕ @ssspacekitten

In college my gma gave me some food. We thought the sauce smelled bad. the expiration date was under a coupon. It had expired before I was born.

454 2 month ago

Whinnie🦋 @blue_eyed_bratt

I see your mom and my mom share a medicine cabinet!

105 2 month ago

Jackie @jackie_attackie

Do parents not know that food isn’t the only thing that expires??

63 2 month ago

Breave @wherermytoes

Use it, it’s like liquid chalk haha

99 2 month ago

bigdaddyankee @bigdaddyankee

maybe it means 2093

6 2 month ago

mouse™ @strawberrygardens

wow how vintage and trendy

40 2 month ago

RoughDay @user67110142

That brings me back to when I had chicken pox! I haven’t seen that stuff in forever lol

37 2 month ago

Lisatapayne @ltpayne

It’s fine just use it

115 2 month ago

🅰️bbi.jade @abbi.jade

I don't get it coz I'm from uk what is it

12 3 month ago

Rev. Reaper @blackskullreaper

Hahaha I felt this in my soul

14 2 month ago

rowan @rowanisdumb

just eat it

45 2 month ago

Pengyyy024 @pengyyy024

It still works though 😂

10 2 month ago


omg I have that In my cabinet

25 2 month ago

Katie @poison1834

We must have the same parents cause mine did the same shit to me the other day 😂😂

17 2 month ago

TheArtGe @theartge

PERFECT looks like it will 100% still work. 😂

6 2 month ago