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Olivia Giordano @liiias._

if this was intentionally funny then no one can compare to this humor!

31K 3 month ago

mads✨🦋 @madisonharrelson

I was gonna say Vicky get off my for you page... but she actually made me laugh 💀💀

51K 3 month ago

Mukhtar😗🤚🏾 @mukhtarhuh


18.3K 3 month ago

🥀 natalie 🥀 @nataliejuliet

the end HAHAHAHA

8.4K 2 month ago

Lakota Johnson 🖤 @lakotaaaaa

AHAHAHHA I’m weak 😭😭😭😭

12.8K 3 month ago

iHavok @tiktoker_69_

Someone remind me when she learns to speak English.

1.9K 3 month ago

Skinnycracker @skinnycracker

This was genuinely funny

2.7K 3 month ago

☁️bun🌈 @.kaira

she’s actually kinda funny bro

19K 3 month ago

your deadbeat dad @crackbabiess

y’all hate to admit it but she actually funny

83.6K 3 month ago

Laura @tesijo

i don’t understand what she saying😔

96 3 month ago

Ayla Jalyn @aylajalyn

What is this?! I’m dying!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

15K 3 month ago

Jesse @cheisty

I saw the name first and thought is was just a dumb username.. i’m scared for tiktok’s future😳

10.4K 3 month ago

Rodney Lee @kidrl

Why is this hilarious?! It’s is 3:08 am for me. But I keep watching haha

1.2K 3 month ago

Chinita @sarimarmuniz


2K 3 month ago

leaving.. @vsco._listxox

did not understand this video at all

3.7K 3 month ago

Amelia @yourmotherstuck2

kinda nervous, she’s actually kinda funny

7.2K 3 month ago

terintino @͏t͏e͏r͏i͏n


5.5K 3 month ago

tall art boy @scoutprice

very cool

1K 2 month ago

love >.< @lovedivinee

just got- first time vicky made me laugh kinda nervous

1.3K 3 month ago

@ss_juice16 @yung_lotion

I really hope she meant for this to be funny

301 3 month ago