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kaja;) @karelmarik_

“sksk and i oop and i oop” got me🤣🤣

184.7K 1 month ago

tori @torisarahroseee

i usually don't think these are funny but this is actually great

18.8K 1 month ago

PinkRanger @sainthernandez

This makes me want to put super glue in my ear canal

13.8K 1 month ago

The Oreo Cat® @theoreocat

I swear she’s singing “Supercalafragalistic” in another language

713 2 weeks ago

QueenKelsey @_queenkelsey_

ok but when she says “ you can keep dont even worry about it” i loved that

71.4K 1 month ago

Drea Knowsbest @dreaknowsbest

Penn state Shirt !!! Yass WE ARE

4.6K 1 month ago

ℳ𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚕𝚢𝚗 @e_marilynn

Why did Trisha Paytas come into mind as soon as I heard her voice 😂

53.7K 1 month ago

Steve Irwin 2 @eatfurbys

This video stressed me out so much

10.7K 1 month ago

alonzo_lerone @alonzo_lerone

WTH does vsco mean? I’m new here

3.4K 1 month ago

hannnnah @hannah.e.west

am i the only one who thinks this was oddly comforting??

6.3K 1 month ago

PAM @ericalovessyou

Omg this gave me ptsd from high school with popular girls

27.6K 1 month ago

JeremyBradley @jerebearr

I’m so glad I’m a guy

445 1 month ago

⭐️ @xpfn


3.8K 1 month ago

Mia @mia_stevenson_

ok im not a vsco girl, but the way you guys make fun of them makes them look rlly nice and giving.

6.6K 1 month ago

martin 🖤🥀 @ιηѕαηє.gαηgѕтα

vsco tourette's stg

2.7K 1 month ago

ayyitschristian08 @ayyitschristian08

The “ sksk and I oop and I oop” sent me 😭

25.9K 1 month ago

Maggiecat54 @pychopathicpanda

I hope this is not class 23 as a senior I might yeet the freshman out the windows if I hear this🤦

273 1 month ago

sadara @sadarakirin

I’m uncomfortable

2.2K 1 month ago

bush did 9/11 @not.the.yuddas

this is getting so old

103K 1 month ago

seandm 🥳 @seandoesmagicc

bro what

5.2K 1 month ago