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Paige Broyles @paigebroyless

I’m going to be a junior and I’m scared THIS DID NOT HELP😂

3.4K 3 month ago

AShlEY.NiCOlE 🌻 @xo_shayle

Not sure if this was supposed to be a funny video, but... this is definitely my kind of comedy. 😂

1.3K 3 month ago

uSeR uNknOwN @itsyourmohm

I am a senior and I can assure you that this is exactly how junior years gonna be yea I cried a lot

9K 3 month ago

Shelby Daulton @shelbymae0048

nobody gonna talk about how she's playing silent night in August 😂

7.3K 3 month ago

SwoleRaisin @bigtittyraisin

The girl playin the piano 😂

12.7K 3 month ago

lilthickie @yungchevytahoe

its not gonna be that bad i promise 🦆

168 3 month ago

Aaron Nezaj @aaron.nezaj

Everyone relax ok Junior year was fine the only annoying thing was the SAT’s you’ll be fine☺️☺️

683 3 month ago

safarikarly @safarikarly

Junior year is bad bad

1.5K 3 month ago

callie reed🖤 @calliereedd

I love how calmly chaotic this is

2.3K 3 month ago

Quinton @quinton_clark

I think my for you page likes you, just saw you on it like 2 seconds ago

10 2 month ago

Local Crackhead @chic.ken_friedrice

Junior year is no ones year just sayin...

13 2 month ago

t҉r҉i҉p҉p҉y҉ @ayyyyputo

I’m starting junior year in a day and all these comments are just-

307 3 month ago

Ysixxdro04 @ysixxdro04

Don’t worry you’ll get through it 👍

3.7K 3 month ago

logan @loganthebigjoke

it’ll be the death of me

316 3 month ago

Clover @come.over.clover

Junior year. Is no ones year

102 3 month ago

🤙Logan Self🤙 @walker_oof

This is me rn 😂

78 3 month ago

Nick Vaccaro @nickkvacc

I thought the same thing

2 2 month ago

Emily🚀 @fun.with.em

Im gonna be a junior... this did not help 😂

168 3 month ago

Kayler @crustiepeen

@https.ayla @xx.llaayyllaa.xx doing mr moroney amps

0 2 month ago

ashlee @s4dshawtii

it’s literally not funny

192 3 month ago