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alieee @alie_schultz

i heard if you’re early she reply’s? :

25 2 month ago

kingstoncoolkid @kristopher_399

I know how you feel I graduated at 16 and I'm almost 18 and still lost

17 2 month ago

David Walther @davidwalther7

i took a gap year and joined a traveling carnival. best year ever

12 2 month ago

anna_belka_93 @anna_belka_93

Learn German🇩🇪 and apply to the university in Germany 😍👍

11 3 weeks ago

Anton | Videographer @antonwongvideo

I got scared for school recently. then, I realized I graduated 2 years ago and work full time #mood

5 3 weeks ago

Hayden Kyle West @sleepinghays

Try graduating early and starting college literally 2 weeks after u graduated not inoff time

11 2 month ago

Tammy Kalloo @tammy_roadie4l

I know the feeling I graduated too and I got my results Thurs. I'm not ready at all I thought I was but I'm really not 😟😟

6 1 month ago

Mister Luxu @misterluxu80

Crowdfundme and stuff

1 3 weeks ago

Your girl Anna🤰🏻 @annaleigha_7

Me a month before grad 😂

1 3 weeks ago

💜PresidentNamjoon😶 @armysmiles


3 2 month ago

Francesca31 @francescasoto31

Let me join you 🥵😥

11 2 month ago

Toluwani Kadiri @toluwanikadiri


3 2 month ago

sjwlee2911 @sjwlee2911


3 1 month ago

krs201065 @shuckman2.0

Preach it sister.

4 2 month ago

loving it. my bday I August actually. loll

1 3 weeks ago

user5508765420241 @user5508765420241

story of my 2019

1 3 weeks ago

the queen 👸👸👸👸👸 @queen_peyton097

that's my mom 😂😂

1 3 weeks ago

user040872 @user0408721

Please start vloggin on youtube

4 2 month ago

user569135 @user56913528

don’t do that omg

5 2 month ago

Santos Cardenas @santoscardenas0


1 3 weeks ago