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Dalton Tice @dalphint

I think the shower curtain was supposed to be pulled back a little further 😜

19 2 month ago

bella b @bellaroseb23

yo i don’t even get in the shower until everyone else is ready

1.2K 2 month ago

elliotkim @elliotkimmz

Then you sit there for another hour thinking about life

716 2 month ago

kendahlurschler @kendahlurschler

my clothes seem to disappear when i’m getting ready

295 2 month ago

stacy’s mom @evierosee


7 2 month ago

Nathan Roberts @nathanrobertss

5 2 month ago

luci louise @lucixofficial


6 2 month ago

Sara Ellen Murphy @saraellenmurphy


5 2 month ago

🍡;; ˚ ༘♡ 𝓹𝓪𝓼𝓽𝓪 @_.localmochi._

This is me whenever my family wants to go out 😂

3 2 month ago

Unknown_9 @scasillas_9

Bro this is really how it is with me @ashley._.rodriguezz

3 2 month ago

Rocco and Ana @ana....oop

@k_yeet2.0 use this audio since your leaving us

5 2 month ago

user917539 @bash506070

We’re about to go out to eat and I’m just taking a shower 😂😂😂

4 2 month ago

Chenétjie @chene0309

My mom said “if you do this in Canada... you wont know what avalanche ur buried in, ok?”

22 2 month ago

Zachary Morris @zacharymorris

@heather_glover every time I’m trying to go somewhere

4 2 month ago

lilly @lillyidek

i don’t test them like this cause i know they’ll drive off without me

4 2 month ago

jasmyn❕💘 @bebesitaa.jasmyn

my fam always threatens to leave without me one day bc i take forever 😔🤟🏽

3 2 month ago

user24314 @eywhoareyou

I think your sister should be the one still getting ready

1 2 weeks ago

Contessa @contessa613

Why does this have so many likes and only 85 comments? 😂

5 2 month ago

★ARSHLEY ★ @arshleyyy.s

Hahahah I’m always the one still in the shower😂😭

6 2 month ago

SafyPafy @safypafysafapafa

Bro this is sooo true my bro takes so much longer than all of us😳

10 2 month ago