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Samantha1089627 @samantha1089627

Uh I don’t know but I think I watched this a few times because I thought it was a loop

9 1 month ago

stevenh639 @stevenh639

i just came from your live

2 1 month ago

🌸Tina🌸 @ℓσωкєу_тιиα

Everyone is going to hate me for saying this but I'm early

25 1 month ago

amanda @amanda.bacallao

When they said rich I didn’t feel that 😢

1 1 month ago

aloha_donnie808 @aloha_donnie808

I wish I had that many friends😔😔😔😊

8 1 month ago

Victoria and Mal❤️❤️ @mal.and.victoria


7 1 month ago

Xx_sophiemc_xx @xx_soph34_xx

First 😊

4 1 month ago

María Agustina @m.agus.f.c

Awww ♡

9 1 month ago

Peppaa big🐽 @zeynepgunaydin8

you can make really good tik tokens if you want to view mine too and 1 like then I'm really happy?❤️

12 1 month ago

Masonbzdogisland @masonbzdogisland

I like this one more than all of mine because I'm a noob I only have two vibes

0 1 month ago

ashleyhart @ashleyhart03


1 4 weeks ago

Daddy @addiyeeyee

I’m sad I wish I had this many friends lmao

2 1 month ago

αη∂яєω+яσsє @im_taken_by_drew

I went to the rollar coster in the back in the beginning ur in California adventure at Disneyland

5 1 month ago

willowgirl2011 @willowgirl201184

You’re so good I’m willowgirl I’m so bad

0 2 weeks ago

Reagan.B. @progamer2038


0 22 hours ago

it's Totally Wara @waratwabelievesinmagic

Wow such a cute video [happy]Yall are really be people

0 2 weeks ago

Enter Nickname @random_wafflez

i want that many memories. Scratch that. I want good memories in general

6 1 month ago

Ask me to draw! 🤠 @yeeyeeboidraws

This video made me miss all my best friends :(

6 1 month ago

🌸 hannah 🌸 @hannah.https

This looks like an old navy ad

0 4 weeks ago

Jayrtee @jayrtee

Check out my new video🥰

0 3 weeks ago