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"the first computer programmer" HAHA I CAN'T 😂

31 1 month ago

(♡ര‿ര) ⓜⓐⓓⓓⓘⓔ (°_°) @madisonsears_

what if they had tik tok then? *Just something to think about*

60 1 month ago

🎨Be yourself🎨 @arty_stufies

I just love the fact that they’re all women😂❤️

264 1 month ago

@cattycake27 @user3070775753298

And Katharine burr blogett

2 1 month ago

Foxi @vampire_fox38

Maria curie is polish *me thinks* oh GOD IM IN POLAND

2 2 weeks ago

fwancus @fwancus


16 1 month ago

aabirah_xoxo @xxaabirahxx1

I couldn't see most of the text because of the captions

0 1 month ago

🍓Cassie🍓 @art._.lover43

@olivias.cringe you have so much potential to change the world never change 💖

3 1 month ago

Audrey Wang (Class o @savagewerewolf1234

There are so many other people that changed the world

2 1 month ago

Belen @cuteb07

They are all women and I’m here for that #womenrule

91 1 month ago

Rose Stewart @lolabunnygirl90

Thank you for noticing my Girl Rosa Parks

2 1 month ago

Anna Joy @thegreenfern20

I'm sad you didn't show Nelson Mandela.😣

1 4 weeks ago

Sophia Brin ✨ @sophiabrin16

When this goes viral remember me!

2 1 month ago

hfxleaman1 @hfxleaman1

My one real bestie Hailey hicks I don't have her as friends on tiktok but in real life we are.

2 1 month ago


I’m here for when this goes viral

216 1 month ago

?_NᴀᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟPᴏᴛᴀᴛᴏ_¿ @omq_itzpotato

I don’t know who half of these people are and I don’t like school so I’m not gonna look them up

1 1 month ago

Alex @the.lord.of.sorrow

Sad Fact: Rosa Parks passed away the same date I was born. Its very sad😭

1 4 weeks ago

BonBon @random_craft_page

My name is Adah kind of close to ada

3 1 month ago

Nagi-toes @myapplejuicetastingfunny

My guy we cant read it if the caption is in the way

31 1 month ago

Interface_system_8 @daddys_da_name

Why they all women

1 1 month ago