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ᕲᓰᓍᘉ_ᘜ123 @diong_123

It’s not about the skin it’s just a music vid and that it is my dad plus it only got darker because

128 1 month ago

em0ti0nless.em0 @cadenhaven

it got darker each time 😳

424 1 month ago

Gemma ❤️💍💕 @user78766516

Is your brother single

29 1 month ago

Suck4vbuck @youdasellsavon

Sorry couldn’t see the last one

10 1 month ago

ᕲᓰᓍᘉ_ᘜ123 @diong_123

Have been first but I sense abit of racism in the comments it’s really not on

55 1 month ago

Maverick @poopyboymav48


2 1 month ago

Naydenwilson @cutekid_nay

Woah da second guy is kinda cute

1 1 month ago

Youdontknowme😚 @little.miss.gemini_xox

@ellz_bitchzz_04 that looks like nan uno

0 1 month ago

phoebelily17 @phoebelily17

God bless your family💖🖤

5 1 month ago

Shayon...? @positive_shayon..eleven

Your sister is my ibf

72 1 month ago

💛😊Leah💕🌸 @xo_leah_xo1

@;):{\__/} ( • . •) / > 🌯 want this burrito? {\__/} ( • - •) 🌯< \ too bad it's mine

1 1 month ago

ᕲᓰᓍᘉ_ᘜ123 @diong_123

The lights in the room were off and it don’t get darker because if it was like that my mum would

49 1 month ago

Rose Stewart @lolabunnygirl90

It looks like my fam but I don't have a brother or Dad . My sis is grown

0 1 month ago

STRANGERTHINGS @strangerthings4life11223

Him:ughh I don’t have paper what shall I use? Oh! I can use an EMVOLOPE

7 1 month ago

1_out_of_4_peeps_gay @hello_ur_gay

not to be racist but why did it get darker all the time

1 1 month ago

Immie @xximmiejonesxx

Is it just me but does the last one look like tianas dad from toys and me

1 1 month ago

tysonjade11 @tysonjade1148

It gets so dark it like u can’t see it

2 1 month ago

RIP alexei 💙 @elmo...is__penggg

Is the first one called Demi ??

0 1 month ago

. @elif.y123

I go to Winchmore school @lightielee

0 1 month ago

🎈🥀к𝔸ᴱ🤧💜 @misskaepace17

Alright I’m ugly

5 1 month ago