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the fyp did me dirty @badv1bezkae

uhh im waiting for the results from the other video lol

8.8K 1 month ago

Melanie @ayitsmel

Bro U can’t record them without their permission

889 1 month ago

syona @the_office_is_life_

Who else is watching this with no feet on —>

1.8K 1 month ago

🔥Just a fan 🔥 @myheroacademia_fan12

It’s rude to record people without their permission

7K 1 month ago

s h i r a @white.bitch.shira

what if those strangers didn’t want to be recorded...

5K 1 month ago

Limanuel @raidarea5frikin1limanuel

You know that it’s illegal to record a stranger without their permission.

13 1 month ago

🦋Ana🦋 @ʜɪɪʟᴏᴠᴇʏᴏᴜ

the first one looks like George Lopez in shark boy and lava girl🤠

108 1 month ago

𓆉𝚅𝚜𝚌𝚘𓆉 @_vsco.girl.vibes12

that’s rude to record them without permission

1.1K 1 month ago

Grayra😜💞 @grayra_146

ok not trying to be rude but why is everyone getting there phone taken away😂from there mom

73 1 month ago

DisneyNerd666 @disneynerd666

What’s wrong with the last lady? 🧐

282 1 month ago

avapigarts (Ava) @avapigarts

this is rude to record random people dude

193 1 month ago

Neenib Youkana @neeenib

Hahaha I didn’t actually pick my nose guys😂

191 1 month ago

✨🖤Amber🖤✨ @amber_flower1

Just saying this is illegal

601 1 month ago

THimikowo @animee.cos

Sorry to be the person to ruin this but it’s rude to record them.

2.7K 1 month ago

Christina @chris_lacute11

Did you get there permission to video them ???????

783 1 month ago

Rrbbrbr @kylynnxnicole

This Is Illegal, You Didn’t Get Permission To Do This From Them, I Suggest You take This Down......

0 1 month ago

rat boi 🐀 @cody_the_rat

you realize it's not okay to record people w/o their permission

1 1 month ago

NiNa @niills

@prolly.nek.minute I dont approve of filming random people but this is funny

4 1 month ago

Zakiya!!.💙💜 @.dxddykiya


0 1 month ago

Disabled Comments @disabledcomments

This reminds me of the George Lopez show when they would do flashbacks

152 1 month ago