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s k y e 🍁 @thatarea51alien

it is july 18, 2019 at 12:20am and i have more followers than billy ray cyrus on tiktok

942 1 month ago

el @oh.ell

It is July 18th at 8:20 am and i still have more followers than billy Ray Cyrus on tik tok

494 1 month ago

lila rose @uncle.lila

ok but don’t lie “oh that’s hannah montana’s dad” was your first thought when you saw this

351 1 month ago

Chani fan! Kristina! @chaninatasha_forever

Who else got that notification just me? OK

3.3K 1 month ago

Trisha & Charlotte @trishaandcharlotte

@aylaprince still waiting to get verified and BRC gets it with one video

144 1 month ago

piff peterson @piffpeterson

Also, I see wires... anyone else smell broke 🤧

2K 1 month ago

ur fav mich🌻 @sismichmich

How does Billy Ray Cyrus have less followers than me I-

484 1 month ago

Elizabeth @elizabethmyeeyee

Did anybody else get the,” gonna ride til I can’t no more 🐎🐎🐎” notification? —>

54 1 month ago

곤듀님❤ @2150300206

Old town road❤❤❤

1 3 weeks ago

✨heath✨ @heathkirls


15.3K 1 month ago

Evan The Card Guy @thecardguy

Ayy the legend came to tiktok!! 😂👍

2K 1 month ago

anna oup @weeniewater

when did my man billy get a tik tok and why did no one tell me😧😪

4.4K 1 month ago

sam i am @xoxosamyo

this is the only video that matters

1.5K 1 month ago

🦋Trinity Morisette🦋 @trinity

Love this!

583 1 month ago

Rose West @rosewest143

I felt that when you said DANG FLABBIT!!! 😪

9.3K 1 month ago

average tik toker @.kayleejadee

am i the only one that got a notification for this

64 1 month ago

piff peterson @piffpeterson


1.6K 1 month ago

Lucas Paxton @thelucaspaxton

Now that you are on this app my life is complete

1.3K 1 month ago

Hergus Bergus @hergus_bergus

Can you fix my achey breaky heart?

54 1 month ago

FBI Agent #1 @iamyourfbiagent

Omg please tell your daughter Hannah Montana that I’m her biggest fan

82 1 month ago