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Memes matter @sweetandsour222

Why the heck is the ice cream that color

314 1 month ago

Łõvė💞 @lil.junior.nobody

now even ice cream is calling me broke

589 1 month ago

GivE Me LuCky ChArMs @wierdooooz

What kind of flavor is that?

1.1K 1 month ago

☆★𝑴𝒊𝒄𝒉𝒂𝒆𝒍𝒂★☆ @michaelabrooke6

Why is the ice cream dark gray

2.6K 1 month ago

CaptainMaggott @captainmaggott

Rich people be hitting different right now

1.4K 1 month ago

Berl🤦🏻♀️♀️ @berlyn_wolbeck15

The flavor is charcoal vanilla and it’s gelato

453 1 month ago

Kakes @mskakes

ah yes the flavor of my soul

143 1 month ago

Mah_Name_Bongo Cat @b0ngo_cat

Is The Gold Edible?

65 1 month ago

Royalty_love_7 @royalty_love_7

It looks like it came from wakanda

56 1 month ago

Horse lover jolly @macivandhuynslage87

Why is the ice cream poison

2 1 month ago

Ava_Jane27 @ava_jane27

I'm sorry I cant even afford normal ice cream thank you very much.

57 1 month ago

The Loner @the_chado

Am I the only one that Wondering How Much That Cost ? lol

0 1 month ago

Banana @extreme_butterflies

Who is this Beyoncé🤣

7 1 month ago

Raishie @happypenguin383

Is this real.?

5 1 month ago

Joseph Francisco @daryljosephfranci16

charcoal ice cream with golden toppings?how could you think that these would exist in this planet???😂😂😂

0 4 weeks ago

E @émerald

That looks like the stuff those fake krabby patties were make of.

0 4 weeks ago

LiliBear @lilikybear

Why do I ALWAYS see gray ice cream then I wanna try it bc I don’t know that flavor and black is nice

0 1 month ago

cottoivan43 @cottoivan43

They put edible gold on it to make it look expensive asf but really you can buy edible gold for 5$

0 4 weeks ago

PeachesNCremeOwO @peachesncremeuwu

I think the flavor is vanilla with activated charcoal(that actually exists) i think

0 3 weeks ago

saintnuke69 @saintnuke

well first off that cannot be real gold flake because actual gold is toxic it's called heavy metal

0 1 month ago