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TianaDC33 @tianadc33

daddy shark doo doo do doo doo

9.1K 2 month ago

user1982137825560 @user1982137825560

That is a great white cause basking sharks never put there dorsal fin above water

58 2 month ago

🦈🦈🦈 @asiamichelexx

It’s probably a basking shark they get to around 35 feet and are completely harmless to humans !!

2.2K 2 month ago

S O P H I A @sophiaseckler_

Anyone else get crazy anxiety seeing the fin in the water?? No ok

19.8K 2 month ago

Katelynn🤙🏼🌤 @sleepingfruitloops

Is it only me that heard “sharks can’t get enough oxygen so they go closer to shallow water”🤨😐

236 2 month ago

✰kelly✰ @kelly.wines

@mac.strangerthings 47 meters down shark!!!!

1 3 weeks ago

Masked_goat @masked_goat

Just so everyone knows it is definitely not the meg. The meg was that times 8 I promise

394 2 month ago

💜ҽѵҽӀվղ ժօɾӀҽɾ💜 @evelyn.dorler

Anyone else get flashbacks from 47 meters down???

11.3K 2 month ago

Matthew Arthurs @findad22

not a great white, that's a Basking Shark. super cool super friendly

3.3K 2 month ago

Aesthetic 🍯 @ii_ℍ𝕠𝕟𝕖𝕪

Omg the Megs are coming back to take over the oceans one by one 💀😱

1.1K 2 month ago


And this is why I don’t go to the beach! 😖😅

954 2 month ago

MoreCringeyCousins @morecringeycousins

if your in Florida that's where they released the shark they used for jaws

491 2 month ago

Versail @versailmint

Who else thought it was fake at first...

941 2 month ago

JannyKikky8963 @jannykikky8963

😳"We're gonna need a bigger boat!"

21.9K 2 month ago

ÖÖÖF•HƏÝ•🤪 @aryana252


6.7K 2 month ago

Potato and gravy @sweetdiamondlol

omg this gives me chills this is why I'm terrified of the ocean (I love it to very pretty safe earth

170 2 month ago

liv🦗🦟🦗🦟 @olivi.ugh

i got second hand fear from this video

149 2 month ago

shaina j ;) @shainaj15

so y’all are just gonna record it🤔i’m screaming and it’s just on my phone

63 2 month ago

Parkeypoo08 @parkeypoo08

Wait is it just me or is that shark growing

209 2 month ago

Pixel @pixelsyndicate

The only thing I could think of was that “KICK IT” sound that’s trending 😂

55 1 month ago