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👌👌👌 @tiktok_l0l

God that’s what I want to be able to do when I grow up more

2 1 month ago

Antonio NG @anto74ng

Man, if this is his idea of Christmas, I *gotta* be here for New Year's 😮

2 4 weeks ago

Bowdyn Mooney⚡️🏹🦊 @purplefoxx8

This dude shall win the hunger games and America ninja warrior. He shall be the galaxys hero

3 1 month ago

Qmg David @big_dave_31

I could use some tips if u don’t mind sharing a few

0 4 weeks ago

user7374938380863 @user7374938380863

the end is like “oh didn’t cya there”

0 1 month ago

eric felice @ericfelice1

I can do everything else but the back flip

2 1 month ago

awesomeness Maya @mayajones2009

all I'm saying is you should try for ninja warrior

1 3 weeks ago

skullface730 @skullface73022

Expectation^ reality after the first part god days work done

1 4 weeks ago

Austin foster @dunkjourney

I thought for a second u we’re going to go right thru the ceiling when u jumped off the 📦

1 1 month ago

BoomyCat4 @boomycat4

Dang u are good at this and u must work out like days!

0 1 month ago

Hayden Porter @bread_boi21

Calm down it’s a joke I couldn’t do that for my life

0 1 month ago

Oofytoofy_man @rgosse

Hi just checking with your moves

0 4 weeks ago

Squishi._.fix @squishi._.fix

And then there’s me who can’t even walk correctly without bumping into something🤣👌👏🏻

2 1 month ago

$arã wølfy @2155733988

I want to learn to do backflip! Can you learn me?

0 1 month ago

user386617 @anthony_balaskas

Training for a boxing match be like

0 4 weeks ago

user995298556031 @user995298556031

U are so fit and yes u should try for ninja warrior

0 4 weeks ago

Shelby Wallis @shelbywwww

I can’t even do I push up right

1 1 month ago

Stanny42069 @stanny42069

We can all say that the backflip was not part of the training

3 1 month ago

Reyrey_majesty @reyrey_majesty

One way to let it anger out

3 1 month ago

adel mossad @adelmossad74

At the end when u fall near your crush am I right

0 1 month ago