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Jerry @jerry3977

Sharks are endangered not cool

2 4 weeks ago

✰ Surisa ✰ @suri._.bell

Why are they shark hunting

1 2 month ago

uh @ughstahp

dont catch sharks-

60 1 month ago

Callum @callumjosh9

That is so fake

6 2 month ago

Bijna de 60 fans 😱😮 @stacey.herrijgers

Stop 😭😭😭

49 2 month ago

I L🖤VE LYNXES!!! @i_love_lynxes

They’re not meaning to catch it ;-;

338 1 month ago

EarthIsDying @ecofreako

Sharks are starting to be endangered y’all. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

623 1 month ago

Karlie LaGesse @karlie.lagesse

you should not be catching sharks

660 2 month ago

🥳 @gay_.gargoyles_

Sharks are more scared of ya'll then your scared of them -_- let the baby go ;(

1 1 month ago

isayiah hamilton @isayiahhamilton

That is not a baby shark

0 2 month ago

Horsesminyana @horsesminyana

Everyone else #DON’TCATCHSHARKS and I’m just over here to figure out how you get it off the line????

16 4 weeks ago

My Cat Keeps Me Sane @my_cat_keeps_me_sane

Pls don’t go fishing guys scientists predict oceans will be dead by 2048 thank you

2 4 weeks ago

T @purpledingdonglongshlong

Sharks are so damn annoying to catch😂 but they are beautiful creatures.

284 2 month ago

cam @ummcam

STOP! Soon sharks are going to be coming indangered and ur part of the problem

0 1 month ago

hailey @angelheartwire

im not sure if you kept it or not but i rlly hope you let it free. sharks are getting endangered ;(

3 4 weeks ago

Maryanne Morales @maryannemorales0

Wtf stop catching sharks

35 1 month ago

I really don’t @yooooo_idontcare

Some of the people have not been fishing

71 1 month ago

Kylie @kyliesayshello

Poor shark! [cry]

1 1 month ago

Emily Murphy @lilemziesx

I literally woulda crapped myself

106 2 month ago

☁️H o n e y☁️ @qt...h0ney

STOP!! This is endangering sharks!😭💔

0 1 month ago