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Kyle Williams @kyle_williams09

it's yellow because he does not put chlorine in the pool just so u guys know

72 2 month ago

Jaqqe @only_jaquline

I think the floor inside the pool is yellow. that's why the water looks yellow

126 2 month ago

✨°•c̸r̸i̸s̸t̸a̸l̸•°❤ @armypotatoloser

someone peed in the pool [laughwithtears]

1.2K 2 month ago

Just A Mans @truegamersplayminecraft

I see the divorce is going well

250 2 month ago

Plz follow @imnotfunnyatall2685

Why is the water yellow

777 2 month ago

Kyle Crowther @kylecrowther7

why is the water yellow

557 2 month ago

Amelia_xox🤪🤪🤪🤪 @amelia_cosh1273

Can you say hi amelia_cosh1273 in one of your vids please

3 2 month ago

Ren @renlenee

Everyone is talking about the yellow water, but I'm wondering why his arms are green😂

1 1 month ago

Gacha life/Roblox @galaxywolfheart4life

when you finally lose 100 pounds but the junk food makes a come back

2 2 month ago

I like cheeeeeeese @derp_tato

@whitzo why is the pool yellow?

1 2 month ago

Mack2 @schoolisdumb24

Get wrecked @meganblake5253

0 1 month ago

oliviasprivv @oliviasprivv1

@elisha003 you when you find out I’m in iso ‘’ don’t go ‘’

3 2 month ago

BeezKneez @beezkneez0

Why is the water yellow

1 1 month ago

Collin Pribula @collinpribula

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 hey what happened to your old TikTok account

1 1 month ago

カリヤ @its_me_khaliyah

When the socks are in the wet too, 🙅🏽 ♀️🤦🏽 ♀️😔

1 1 month ago

jõhännē🖤 @johanne_dll

@lol_crp a ton anniv😂

3 2 month ago

gabr1el2007 @gabr1el2007

a spear by The Shark!

1 1 month ago

Nevaeh😉🥶 @real.nevaeh3

Why is the pool yellow💀💀

447 2 month ago

Amelia_xox🤪🤪🤪🤪 @amelia_cosh1273

So hilarious

2 2 month ago

C3P1 @super_mad_c3p1

Best shark attack ever!

1 1 month ago