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Wolves @drawingwolves12

You spent money for those wafers and spend for that white 🍫 from the store YOU COULD’VE BOUGHT KK

1 2 month ago

HOLA @lisa_roblox234

Or u can buy a dollor kit kat enstend of buying a 3 dollor chocolate and 2dollor waffle and a molder

1 2 month ago

Lvl 700 entertainer @jay_is_here_2

Or just buy white chocolate for cheaper then you paid for those ingredients

0 1 month ago

first draw @azerty_chikenuget ☺☺☺☺☺☺

1 2 month ago

lemon :> @leafpool8

it's white kits Kat's not the opposite or do you mean the color if so WHITE IS THE OPPOSITE OF BLACK

2 2 month ago

𝙷𝚒 ;) ✨🥰 @ɴ𝕖𝕚𝕠𝕞ɪɪ

Hi I love you so much can you please reply I am really sick and I need to be cheered up

5 2 month ago

~ Tamiaa 💍 ~ @drixppy.tamiaa

Or just buy white chocolate kitkats

1 2 month ago

Abby😩 @abbysaleone

damn i thought it was creative why y’all hating

1 2 month ago

𝔼𝕣𝕚𝕟 @tennis_city07


1 2 month ago

Bowl of ramen @gamergirl_got_jamz

Day 1 till she follows ❤️❤️

5 2 month ago

 の化p @solarboba

or by kit kat white?

1 2 month ago

🥴Á…m…b…ë…r💙 @amberooney003

Day 2 till she follows

6 2 month ago

umm its Emily @ummitsemilybrooke

Early that is amazing

3 2 month ago

Addisonsplanet 🙈 @addisonsplanet

Ilysm pls reply ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🤩🤩

8 2 month ago

💕🤩 @_.zebralover5912

How is that opposite? The wafers of normal kit kats are also brown. But it’s till pretty awesome 💕

6 2 month ago

💜🖤AlyKat🖤💜 @xxalykatdrawsxx

Why Is Everyone Hating, Like U Could Do Different Combos Of Kit Kat Chocolates Now!

0 2 month ago

Secret.account @minecraftturtorials3


4 2 month ago

Kitten @kittensrcute16

there are white kit kats but do they have milk chocolate inside them NO THEY DONT

1 2 month ago

mochh @mochistar

the difference is that the (wafer?) is chocolate. that's why its "opposite kit kats"

1 2 month ago

Dr.NuggetandFriends @dr.nugget

All people say you can get white chocolate kitkats don’t understand that those have CHOCOLATE wafers

0 1 month ago