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Nieh @niehpup

Not all dogs are Lactose intolerant. Just like people-some are and some aren’t. My dogs are not.

1.2K 2 month ago

iS tHaT a CoOkiE?UwU @xx.softie_girl.xx

That has milk and milk is poisonous to dogs just like chocolate so that’s dangerous If you love them

4 2 month ago

Little Pringle chip @ilysm.mykah

we can't give my dog Skye ice cream on her birthday because its on Christmas day lol really

2 2 month ago

Nieh @niehpup

Thank you to everyone, I wasn’t expecting this to go viral. Rosie’s Birthday was the 23rd of June.

131 2 month ago

PupLuv @dogluver10

OMG they make dog ice cream 🍦 look so good

1 1 month ago

Noodle_Gacha 🥰❤️🍜 @aalieebaliee

Isn’t Rosie From the Funnel Vision Family? Well happy birthday!!!

16 2 month ago

gacha Llama @gachapufferson

wait did you get the dog with the brown ears from funnel vision???

1 2 month ago

Pj💖 @that.girl.paige

I think I’m about to S T E A L 🤫🤫🤫😂

439 2 month ago

Äłéïä @ayee_its_ur_girl_leia

Dogs can eat ice cream??

3 2 month ago

💖Aubrey😂😊 @𝒜𝓍𝒷𝓇𝑒𝓎

Tomorrow is my labrodor retrievers be birthday! Happy 16th birthday to my dog!

15 2 month ago

morgiej25 @morgiej25

Dogs can't eat ice cream just saying

0 2 month ago

🍁Jorja🍁 @jpossum2008


0 2 month ago

avery✌♡🤙 @averyibrown__

its whipped cream for every one

3 2 month ago

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL💖 @that_insecure_girl______

Idk if it’s just me but did you get Rosie from the fgteev family cause I remember they had a dog li-

0 1 month ago

devin butler @ddogster88

Rosie from fgteev ?

0 1 month ago

@_mhintz @sports_.account

it their birthday today? mine is the would be great for a dog to have to same birthday the same day

19 2 month ago

💕🍍🌊Sophie 🌊 🍍💕 @sssophie1232

We share a birthday 🎂

2 2 month ago

Countrygirl @countrygirl72706

Are they Britney's? My grandparents have Britneys and they look like them

2 2 month ago

Neva Anderson @nevaanderson66

Isn’t that bad for them????????

0 1 month ago

Can cmnt @k9marty

What size is that harness? Please answer as fast as possible,getting the same one for my dog

1 2 month ago