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Sydney.ann08 @schmidty.77

OMG ITS FAKE!! A ride in universal! Make this top comment!!

2K 2 month ago

Mik @mikkelbebepoulin

help the earth 😑 turn off the fire and help the shark

907 2 month ago

Hazley Perfect Rez k @hazleyann07

Is that shark fake or real

252 2 month ago

#salt&pepper @user66680363

I’ll never go in the ocean again

109 2 month ago

I’m a dead meme @vans_crushing_3

I went to Universal Studios Florida but they closed down the jaws ride..😒 but I still had fun!!

218 2 month ago

Unicorn_queen_369 @unicorn_queen_369

I almost died when the shark came if I was in the water and that came in.....

42 2 month ago

Vincent @tr3away

Fake shark like if you are agree

1.1K 2 month ago

an nurzal @annurzal95

iya jelas kali hiu palsu soal nya mata nya gk gerak kok bisa baik hiu[surprised][surprised][surprised][surprised][surprised][surprised][surprised]

1 2 weeks ago

jamie_tinoco @jamie_tinoco

I think the shark is fake bc sharks don’t do that when they are around people they go under water so

7 2 month ago

😘M O L E E N🀟🀟 @31792693665


1 3 weeks ago

Mag_ki @user74350405

When the shark has filled gels IT is def not fake

26 2 month ago

πŸ‘ŸShoe Crushing πŸ‘Ÿ @shoe_crushing103

For everyone asking if it’s real or fake... are you serious?

210 1 month ago

ry @ryleejulian

exposed: the shark is a paid actor

123 1 month ago

ava.eichholz @fartbubbles331

The shark it totally fake!!

89 2 month ago

Brooke @brooketjelmeland

people who think the shark is real 🀑

241 1 month ago

π“ƒ₯ Ricky π“ƒ₯ @spicycoyote

@ all the people asking if the shark is real,,,, are you,,, legit?

493 1 month ago

CaitlynScheepers @caityscheepers

Its just a robot shark

204 2 month ago

Erin D @erind042

They are deadly?. What it is going on?😱

1 3 weeks ago

angluker @angluker29

Is that at Universal Studios

0 3 weeks ago


are you guys really asking if the sharks real- πŸ’€πŸ’€

0 2 weeks ago