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𝒜𝒶𝓇𝑜𝓃🏴☠️ @ajhokagez

Me when I get a drivers licenses

33.5K 2 month ago

สายเลือดแมว คิคิ @30918168537

@【ᎦɆ】ຈๅຮຢ%ແນวノ× [happy][happy]

4 1 weeks ago

the.shark.puppet @the.shark.puppet

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917 2 month ago

I like turtles @dörkÿ_ïzzÿ

That scream got me cracked up

2.8K 2 month ago

michaelseversen @michaelseversen

no one: absolutely no one: shark: YEAH!

22.6K 2 month ago


When it screamed I lost it

17.8K 2 month ago

Sophie Marie Neve @20paws1human

Thank you !! 😂😂😂

15 2 month ago

@;#+#::#(#( @ashweasas

I’m died know 😂😂😂😂 how you killed the scream with the shark omg I bit you everyone was staring

373 2 month ago

Cameronkasee2222222 @ckasee03

How are your vocal cords not shattered from that high of a scream??!!!

813 2 month ago

🚯 @winstonwashere

Is that at swing around Fun town in Missouri

150 2 month ago

l e a n n e @bigbenisenergy

i thought this was thunder rapids outside of winnipeg but ok

150 2 month ago

turdstain @thestainedturd

the making of this video would be so awkward to see in person

9.3K 2 month ago

emo walmart girl @juliathekindafunnyperson

how does one come up with golden content like this

656 1 month ago

Shawn🖤 (120,000+) @shawn._.barboza

is this seekonk Grand Prix?

105 2 month ago

Irina @irinakwalter

Can I have a date with the shark?!

337 2 month ago

Dusty_Bun @brandon_fehnel

Is this at Funplex?

57 2 month ago

Angel Cifuentes @angelcifuentes17

tap got dizzy from that I know he did also does he ever say no???

3 3 weeks ago

StOoPiD @littlemyers

That screamed just killed me a little😂

768 2 month ago

Bella Raxsdale @bella_marie_broke

I got shark is that you I follow you on YouTube

0 4 weeks ago

Goal ~ 350 @doggishbroom81


70 2 month ago