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Hamnah🌻💛 @hamnah_22

No hes looking at his abs

26.8K 3 month ago

ur a thot @löwkêymårtå

when his wrist went 🔃 i felt that

13.7K 3 month ago

✨ Raa〽️ar ™ ✨ @prod.og

His wrist almost broke , he took a moment to be grateful !

3.4K 3 month ago

Elisabeth Holland @lissieshad2008

No he is smelling his armpits

2.7K 3 month ago

Ryan Watson @ryanwatsøn

i’m sure he knows his limit. probably just moved up in weights.

2.1K 3 month ago

Liyah.yoon @yoonie3

I felt the dedication and emotion from this video 🤧.

24.8K 3 month ago

Evan The Card Guy @thecardguy

Beast 🔥

747 3 month ago

💕💘💖 Ashley 💗💓💞 @ashleythesharkslayer

Don’t overlift. You’ll make ur guts come out. I saw that on 1000 ways to die once.

8.4K 3 month ago

Andrew Cole @realandrewcole

Plot twist: he’s crying because he broke his wrists

294 3 month ago

😎mary 😎 @cconfusd_mxry

how much did he lift?

1.4K 3 month ago

Melissa :) @may.liss.uh

Yo he should really put wraps around his wrists so he doesn’t damage them

2.3K 3 month ago

angi💖 @fire.bult_angi

aww he tried so hard

182 3 month ago

Cameron @cameronmillerr

i don’t get the hype

328 3 month ago

Leah Dalverny @leah_nikkilove

That’s how ur supposed to do it u could of just said congratulations

515 3 month ago

korean girls😚 @abcxyz2077

wow so strong

1 2 weeks ago

Kay🏳️🌈🇨🇦19 @groovygay

That show is so over exaggerated dude. Not everyone’s gonna have their guts come out

150 3 month ago

Joyce Lynn Wieboldt @joycelynn1229

Wow that was absolutely amazing... such an inspiring moment. Thank you for sharing

668 3 month ago

Leah Dalverny @leah_nikkilove

Okay? Tf😂

73 3 month ago

Travon the king @thebustdownking

a g o o d j o b !

160 3 month ago

TvpiezzzProductions @kennet_tiktok

this comment has been deleted

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