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Aurelia Dobre @aureliadobre


1.6K 4 month ago

😱yasss😱 @crush.chrush

I feel bad for those horses😬

66 1 month ago

Lisaboyce💜 @aria_boyce

did anybody else see the horse Lucas was by hit the whoa

1 5 days ago

ellie ✰ @elliexroosa

your hat still have the tag on it!!

4 2 weeks ago

AG Cotto @agcotto61

who else see's the tags on the hats

1 2 weeks ago

Juana Hernández @usermed6me8cvy

I want to be like you

1 1 weeks ago

myriannaharris338 @myriannaharris33885

ahhh got real horses nice moves

1 2 weeks ago

user2135669971329 @user213566997132988

I can see the tag on the hat

1 2 weeks ago

Cruz Barrera @cruzbarrera07

Can I get a shout out in your next video

1 2 weeks ago

firewolfgaming112233 @firewolfgaming112233

my fav animal is a horse I wish I had one 😔

1 1 weeks ago

Evalovescats123 @eva.11122

I love your channel YouTube

1 2 weeks ago

Shikchhya Pradhan @shikchhyapradhan52

Lucas is kinda cute

1 2 weeks ago

user6484476303856 @user6484476303856

Marcus I am 19 and I’m single

1 1 weeks ago

Robloxians Only! @robloxiansrules1100

How many pets do ya have?

1 5 days ago

2.k?💋💪 @editsbyavaa33

No offense but this is boring

1 2 weeks ago

kalebboycejr6 @kalebboycejr6

I follow y’all on YouTube

1 1 weeks ago

Samueldelarosa 567 @user719209853261783

I love that shirt though

3 2 weeks ago

Rachelle Eskeets @rachelleeskeets

I love horse and I was a barrel racer and I am 12

3 2 weeks ago

Lamia King @lamiaking

YOU guys don't no country

7 3 month ago

Itzel anguiano @itzelanguiano21

marcuse lucas I like the hores but I dont like the song that all say

1 2 weeks ago