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Em @farawla.babe

Dude I wanna be your friend

21.2K 3 month ago

user862153 @_soccergirl21

We must protect him & his mom at all costs

1.1K 3 month ago

starflipcity @blackdahliuh

Just shows even more that she raised her son properly even when she was exhausted .

18.4K 3 month ago

Its JonJon @itsjonjonn

You’re a blessing

134 3 month ago

kaci ♡ @kkacijean

mommas boys are so cute omg

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Michelle Wozniak @michellewozniak


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Saidee @whoopsie_doodle

My mom takes her day out on me.....

8.5K 3 month ago

GlitteryCherry @pancarito3

Guys who love and respect their mothers is probably one of the most attractive traits

5.2K 3 month ago

erin @mclovin2k19

AWWW this is so sweet 🥰

7.3K 3 month ago

Emily Bargman Buss @nurse_mom_em

as a mom. you have no idea what whis means to us. thank you. just know it breaks her heart to say no. sometimes we are just spent.

1.5K 3 month ago

Jesse J. Pedigo @creatingwonders

This is so humbling

632 3 month ago

emma leia @emmaleiah

*currently wiping the tears off my screen* bc this was so cute

464 3 month ago

em🍒 @emilyyy03_

mommas boys🥺

1.4K 3 month ago

Carina👽🌙✨ @lip.sync.queen

My brother just worries about himself and gives my mom heartache I really wish he was like this

119 3 month ago

Alina & Saydi @alinaxosaydi

My mom would scream at me

62 3 month ago

Crystal @crystal.713


2 3 month ago

Gwendolyne 🙌🏻 @gwendothehalfblood


1 3 month ago

💚🧘🏻‍♀️💜TiffyKarfit💛🧘 @tiffykarfit


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BRI ARIEL 🦋🖤 @briariel_

ur my fav awh

237 3 month ago

Poca @pocadotspot

That was so me! I did chores at such a young age. Hint it was willingly at the age of 5-8 when I cleaned our whole house.

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